The Kabir Sat Dharam Paracharak Maha Sabha of Fiji was registered as a religious body in 1883. In the Girmit days the Sadhus who worked hard and dedicated their life to Kabir Panth were firstly Mahant 108 Shiri Ori Das ji saheb, originally from Bandhogarb in india built a temple namely Kabir Panth Ashram in 1883. Guruji had a 1000 devotes and followers by baptism and they preached the teachings of Guru Kabir. This was the establishment of the Kabir Panth Maha Sabha of Fiji. This land was later taken by the colonial government and thus guruji and his followers moved to another locations in 1884 in Muanivatu (present the Buckhurst park) where they built another temple and thus the teachings and Guru Mariyada Dharam spread to others parts of Fiji.

After Ori Das returned to Inida in 1885 his two decipals namely (1) Mahant Sadhu Shiri Durbhanjan Das Ji saheb and (2) Mahant shiri 108 chet Das Ji Saheb. Mahant 108 Chet das Ji was appointed as the leader of the Kabir Panth Maha Sabha of Fiji. As devotees increased a few centers were opened as the temple in Nasinu currently known as Kabir Vishwa Mandir. Also kutiís (small temples) were built around the country by Sadhus and devotees for discourses, Satsang parts, Guru prayers,and Anand Chowka pooja. This Sadhus were Mahant Bhaga das in Nasinu, mahant bikram das in Navua, mahant pingal das in Vuci Nausori, mahant battan Das in Tamavua, mahnat sambhu Das in nasinu.

With the devotion and services to supreme sat purush parmatama the sadhus and devotees worked hard to keep their religion alive. Under the Leadership of mahant Chet Das ji Saheb again the temple was shifted from Muanivatu to Viria Road in Vatuwaqa , Suva, Fiji. The devotees and Sadhus thus built a temple in viria were currently the main temple and the head office of the Kabir Satya Daharm Parachark Maha Sabha of Fiji. (formerly Kabir Panth Maha Sabha of Fiji in KABIR TEMPLE in 18 Viria Rd west, Vatuwaqa, Suva, Fiji

With Mahant Shiri 108 chet Das Ji sahib the following Mahnats/ Gurus took over the reius of preaching the religion and take over leadership of the Panth. The head of the panth in Fiji is based at the Vatuwaqa temple. The mahants/Gurus were initiated with the rules of the Guru Mariyada Dharam and thus the Guru guddi was awarded to them.

Mahant shiri 108 Ori Das Saheb Ji 1883 -1885

Mahant shiri 108 Chet Das Saheb Ji

 Mahant shiri 108 Sadhu Durbhanjan Das Saheb Ji

Mahant shiri 108 Padarth Das Saheb Ji

Mahant shiri 108 Panchu  Das Saheb Ji

 Mahant shiri 108 Ram Rakha  Das Saheb Ji

Mahant kali Das Saheb Ji

Mahant SumiranDas Saheb Ji

Mahant Shiri 108 Anurag Das Saheb Ji

Mahant Shiri 108 Ganesh Das Saheb Ji

Mahant Shiri 108 Bhattan das Sahib Ji,

Mahant Shiri 108 Barkandi Das (known as Sukdeo Singh)

Mahant Shiri 108 Jai Pal Das Saheb

Mahant Shiri Sant Ram Das Saheb Ji

Mahant Shiri 108 Raj Kumar Das Saheb Ji


Currently Mahant Shiri 108 Shiu Charan das Saheb Ji , 1988 senior Head priest present and assisted by Mahant Shiri 108 Naresh Chandra das Saheb Ji, 1994 Ė present.


Thus in the western division the following mahants/ Gurus preached and initiated the devotees


Mahant Shiri 108 Hari das sahib ji

Mahant Shiri 108 Mahabir Mangal das  sahib ji Ba

Mahant shiri 108 Sambhu Das sahib Ji, Lautoka.

Mahant Shiri 108 Hanuman Das sahib Ji Tavua.

Mahant Shiri 108 Sumiran Das sahib Ji, Sigatoka.


Many santh and Sadhus are living in many parts of Fiji today and are preaching the religion of Kabir Panth and the way of universal brotherhood which succumba to the multiracial society that we here in Fiji live in.


The panth is currently under the Leadership of Mahant 108 Shiri Shiu Charan Ji Saheb at the Kabir Temple in Viria, Vatuwaqa.


The Panth and devotees in years have received visits from Guruís from Kabir Panth Ashram Ė Jamnagar

Firstly from Mahant Shiri 1008 Guru Ram swarup das Ji

Mahant Shiri 108 Bhadai das ji Saheb

Mahant Shiri 108 Sukrit Das Ji saheb


Today the teachings of sat Purush Kabir fill the enlightment in life through his prayers and he breaks the cycle of transmigration

 awa, gawan se mukti us sar shabad me ni achar shabad hi Kabir hai aur wahi is ekta ka mul karan hai.

Reshmi Renu