O my Lord Sadguru Kabir! Please appear in my heart. I am waiting for your glimpse from a long time. Now I am getting impatient.

You are immortal, above the ages. You are unfathomable you are Almighty, the only Supreme Brahman Kabir. You are the only truth, Perpetual without beginning, you are indescribable. You live in the Supreme immortal abode ‘Satyaloke’. You are the compassionate Kabir. You are the Ocean of Mercy, destroyer of all sins. You love devotees and remove their suffering. You are the Supreme Spiritual Master. O Sadguru Kabir! O Saviour of the world! O Saviour of sinners! Why are you delaying to come to me?

You, remover of lust, anger and attachment, O Satya Kabir! Please reveal yourself in my heart.

You are unknowable, invisible. You are the most beautiful in the Universe. You attract the minds of the saints. You are remover of bondage, destroyer of bad effects of actions. O Sadguru Kabir Saheb.

O Omnicient Sadguru! Master of my heart, Shower Your Grace upon me. I, bow down to you again. O Almightly Sadguru Satyapurush Kabir Saheb!


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